Special Courses

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Advertising and Media

Four year sequence of study specializing in advertising and media.

Grade 9 -

  • Business of Advertising

Talent are introduced to the inner workings of advertising through case studies, agency visits, and guest speakers

  • Advertising Technology

    Talent learns the art of presentation and the technology that supports effective presentations. Certification in MS PowerPoint available.

Grade 10

  • Visual Communication

A picture is worth a thousand words. Talent learns how visuals can tell a story through analysis, revision, and creating of different visual campaigns.

Grade 11

  • Interactive Social Media

Talent will explore the power of social media in modern advertising and will develop a social marketing campaign to promote themselves.

  • Culture of Advertising

Does culture change advertising or does advertising change culture? Talent will explore how culture and advertising have influenced each other over the years.

Grade 12

Advanced Graphic Design

Advertising Production

Computer Science

4 Year sequence specializing in software engineering and programming. In partnership with NYCDOE CS4All and Amazon and Edhesive Future Engineer Program (AFE)

Grade 9

  • Software Engineering Year 1

Grade 10

  • Software Engineering Year 2

Grade 11

Grade 12

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2+ year sequence where students learn how to be an entrepreneur and start their own business.